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About Us

Our Work

Greenscape of Jacksonville is a nonprofit organization that plants, protects, and promotes trees in Northeast Florida, primarily Jacksonville. We are the oldest tree advocacy group in Florida and the second oldest in the country, with almost five decades of planting trees and advocating for a healthy urban forest.

We’ve won local, state and national awards for our projects and for bringing public and private interests together through trees. If you’re looking for a way to add more shade and beauty to your yard, connect with coworkers through a meaningful community service project, or impact your community as a volunteer, you’re in the right place!

Tree Planting

About Us

Our History

Two Jacksonville citizens raised private funds in 1975 to plant trees downtown.  The project was so successful, Greenscape was born.  Friends Ann McDonald Baker, a philanthropist, and Susan Fisher Davis, a real estate agent, were concerned about the rapid urbanization of Florida and the resulting depletion of the tree canopy.

“A city without trees is a city without heart,” said Baker.  Davis saw the economic benefits of trees, noting real estate prices were higher on lots with trees. Greenscape was formed by both passion and practicality, forces that guide our mission to this day.

We don’t just plant trees; we grow community.  Come plant with us!

Planting a Tree

About Us

Our Team

Greenscape’s staff partners with like-minded organizations to help achieve our mission.  The Florida Forest Service, University of Florida Extension Service, and foresters from JEA all consult with Greenscape and provide professional expertise as part of their outreach to the community.  We have two full-time staff members, one part time staffer, and we’re hiring another full-time person to manage our growing portfolio of projects.

Like most nonprofits, Greenscape has a Board of Directors that oversees aspects of the operation and serves as ambassadors to the wider community.  If you’re interested in becoming a board member, send us an email at info@mimoselpalomar.com.